Most recent Make-up Fads: Much less Is Much more

Make-up boosts the charm as well as functions of a face. The use of make-up could be mapped back countless years ago when old Egypt, Romans as well as Kingdom of Israel utilized to painting their faces and also put on accessories to enhance themselves. Simply like style patterns the make-up fads additionally alters from time to time. One could not take too lightly the significance of make-up pattern as the ideal type of make-up that opts for your attributes as well as shade skin could do marvels with your character. One could not disregard the most current make-up fads that go with present style fads in garments.

Complying with are several of the most recent make-up fads that could be valuable for you when you need to prepare yourself for a celebration, workplace or institution.

Vibrant lips: Strong lip shades like reds are significantly in fashion nowadays however, for that you do not need to overlook your skin tone and also skin structure. Red lipstick will certainly stick out best with all black gown. On a much less bold note, you could put on luscious as well as glossy lip glosses which will certainly not simply hydrate your lips however will certainly additionally offer a really hot pout. The red lipstick could work with celebrations however these lip glosses will certainly function best for college student; as well as workplace going women could constantly put on neutral shades to provide an extremely fresh appearance.

Kohl: Kohl additionally referred to as kajal is an essential despite which age you come from, as it finishes the whole appearance. There are selections of kohl readily available in the marketplace relying on the cost and also top quality as numerous firms currently use spot evidence kajal to reduce the smears which could show up in this heat.

Smokey eyes: The most up to date make-up fad which was appreciated by ladies is Smokey eye make-up which looks extremely trendy and also sophisticated. There are ranges of packages offered on the market which uses Smokey eye make-up.

Toenail shade: Fingernail shade is an extremely considerable component of make-up. Sparkly purple, chili red, warm pink as well as blue-green are much enjoyed nowadays.

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BIM / BIM100 Products Help Cancer Patients

BIM100 Product Helps Cancer Patients

Cancer Moonshot 2017 Announcement

It was previously announced by former president Obama about the Cancer Moonshot 2020 program with the aim of curing cancer by 2020. Under the supervision of Professor Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra, announces APCO Thailand Cancer Moonshot 2017, with the aim of curing cancer in 2017.

The management of the company feels that it’s time to make public the success of AC Plus Global distributed products of BIM / BIM100, which have helped many cancer sufferers recover without any side-effects.The success is due to using the BIM balancing immunity dietary supplements in boosting the acitivity of Th1 (twofold), Th9 (twofold), and Th17 (fivefold) which stimulate cytotoxic T-cells efficiency in killing cancer cells, and in increasing the level of IL-18 (twofold) which co-stimulates the Th cells in their efficiency for immunotherapy.

There are additional volunteers which are now being screened to join the program and use the BIM100 products free of charge, for 6 months. The criteria of these volunteers is that they must be patients who have not used, and have decided not to use, the traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy for their cancer treatment. The combined results will be announced in early 2017.

The First Set of Results

In October 2016, the 14 patients who joined the program are those who had used the APCO regimen in the past and those who had just joined the program. All of those who followed our instruction strictly reported a better health. Those who are very satisfied with the results are:

1.  A 47 year old woman who has suffered from breast cancer for over 10 years. She refused chemotherapy fearing side effects. The cancer metastasized to the whole breast and got bigger until it broke open causing blood and pus to seep out of her breast all the time. She coughed continuously, could not eat any food and became too weak to walk. After five days on the regimen, she gained sufficient strength to walked 14 steps upstairs without having to rest. After 5 months, she was able to resume a normal life and went on holiday. After 2 years, the blood test showed a CA153 value of 29.3 U/ml, within the reference range of 0-313.

2.  An 88 year old woman suffering from endometrial carcinoma. After the operation to remove most of the cancer, her doctor wanted to continue the treatment to remove the rest of the cancer with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, however she refused, fearing side effects, and started the regimen. Her health has improved significantly since then. When she went for a checkup, her doctor informed her that she had a normal health. At her next annual checkup, her doctor confirmed once again that she had normal health and no signs of cancer.

3.  A 89 year old woman suffering from lymphoma. She was diagnosed with lymphoma on the left of her neck and it spread, in one month, to her cervical lymph node, thorax, abdomen and groin. She refused chemotherapy and radiotherapy fearing side effects. After three weeks on the regimen, the lymph node in her neck disappeared. After 10 months, the lymph nodes at the cervical area had also disappeared.

4.  A 61 year old woman suffering from breast cancer. A biopsy showed that she had second stage breast cancer. She refused the immediate operation to remove her breast and the follow up chemotherapy and radiotherapy as recommended by 3 oncologists. After 9 weeks on the regimen, her doctor informed her that the ultrasound showed the 2 small lumps of cancer had disappeared and the biggest lump had decreased in size from 2 cm to 1.19 cm. Her blood tests shows a normal CA 153 value of 14.5 U/ml with the normal range of 0-31. She is very happy with the improvements in her health.

5.  Additional 4 patients,  45-70 year old with stage 1-2 breast cancer,  had reported satisfactory results after using the products for 2-4 months. Cancer size had become smaller and physical health has improved significantly.


For more information regarding BIM / BIM100 products, please contact AC Plus Global Co., Ltd

24 hour customer support:
Ph: (+66) 065 508 8039
Line ID: @BIM.A

Reduced Carb Desserts – The ‘Sacrifice’ Fly Policy is Not effectively, So ‘Rating’ Some Dessert

Reduced carb treats can be your ticket to adhering to Atkins, South Coastline, Neanderthal or

various other low-carb diet regimens without needing to quit your favored foods. Numerous obese

individuals undermine their very own diet regimen initiatives since they assume: “Just how can I

delight in consuming scrumptious food and also still get on a diet plan? If it tastes great,

after that it truly needs to misbehave for me, so just how can I reduce weight?”

Below is one key: Diet programs is NOT around quiting the tastes and also preferences of you

preferred foods – it has to do with discovering as well as discovering how to value BRAND-NEW

tastes and also foods. For real epicureans, food is an experience. YOU could end up being a diet

plan food epicurean!

Thinking about reduced carb treats, today there are numerous alternatives that you could make

use of making wonderful deals with that preference equally as excellent as the genuine bargain.

Among my preferred “diet regimen” expressions has actually been, “If you have to consume a

cookie, consume a cookie!” That was because reduced carb, reduced calorie, slim – reduced

ANYTHING – constantly suggested the very same point: LOW TASTE! If you consume something that

has no preference, you are lured to consume increasingly more much like a stuck seafarer that

succumbs to the lure as well as beverages salt water. You are not pleased with exactly what you

consume therefore you consume a lot more in an effort to be met and also wind up consuming much

more calories, fat, carbohydrates, and so on compared to if you had actually just proceeded as

well as consumed a genuine cookie.

Yet today, the reduced carb substitutes are equally as great as the actual reward, well, if you

could go with something that does not call for flour. Replacing flour is still a little bit

tricky, however improving everyday. It absolutely is back to the “old” days when diet plan sodas

tasted like battery acid – as well as began your cars and truck equally as well!

Nowadays, the man-made sugars can be equally as excellent as the genuine things, creating tasty

jelly, dessert, gelato and also various other delightful and also gratifying reduced carb


Check out more : low carb desserts

When it comes to normal dishes, there are a variety of no-carbo, no-cal seasonings that could

transform also one of the most blandest foods right into a preference experience. Hen as well as

fish are common low-carb healthy proteins that can be spruced up with smudging spices, Italian

flavors, Mexican flavors or other seasonings. Also low-carb salad dressings could bring punch to

your taste.

If you are enabling on your own a specific variety of carbohydrates each day, there ARE a couple

of low-carb entire wheat breads that DO N’T taste like cardboard! They could include the fiber

you require in your diet regimen. As well as you could also attempt extremely thinly cut entire

wheat bread, or low-carb covers.

As well as below’s a wonderfully, incredibly terrific aspect of low-carbo weight loss – butter

as well as mayo and also cheeses are entirely enabled! So is mustard and also eggs – as well as

that does not enjoy deviled eggs?

However nowadays, the reduced carb treats are actually headliners. I reached where I REQUIRED

reduced carb by taking pleasure in a great huge dish of gelato while enjoying Saturday Evening

Reside on Saturdays, which quickly broadened to late evening programs throughout the week.

Currently, I obtain equally as much taste as well as satisfaction by doing this: I layer all-

time low of a huge grain dish with a low-carb strawberry treat covering, place in 6 mugs of no-

carb, 10-calorie Sugar-Free Jell-O (that’s 60 calories and also NO carbohydrates, individuals!)

and after that overdoing some no-carb hefty whipped lotion sweetened with Splenda! It is

BOUNTIFUL and also it is YUMMY as well as it is SATISFYING … however most importantly, it is

possibly 125 to 150 calories tops as well as much less that 5 grams of carb! Nowadays, I could

truthfully state: “If you have to consume a cookie, rather consume a reduced carb treat!”